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Date: 2008-03-19 00:00:00Written By liaosion

How to decorate a chandelier for Christmas

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  • Adding holiday touches to your chandelier can bring a festive element to your Christmas decor. If you have a chandelier with curved arms going up to hold the bulbs, it's a natural. You can wrap a pine garland and weave it up, under and around. Then you can add sparkling beads and chains swooping from one light to the next, and hang ornaments from them.

    1)Weave a pine garland around and through the "arms" of the chandelier, then add holly berries and red ribbon

    2)Tie red bows at each "candle" point. Add a red cylinder below each bulb to make it even more festive.

    3)Choose a theme for the ornaments you add. Small nutcracker ornaments, angels, snowflakes, stars or crystals work well.

    4)Hang shiny balls from the beaded chains at high points and low points.

    Tips & Warnings

    Chandelier decorating should not be rigid and staged; it should have a whimsical flow. Play with the ornaments and garlands you have until you like the look rather than following a definite pattern. It is safer to use artificial garlands than real ones, especially if the chandelier lights will be on for any length .


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