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Date: 2008-03-19 00:00:00Written By liaosion

OLED Chandelier on 2010 Lightfair International

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  • The 2010 LightFair International is rich with innovative lighting, but one item of particular interest is this OLED Chandelier for luxury homes, a Responsible Lighting product from W.A.C. Lighting. Called SOL, the company says it is "inherently sustainable" though what makes a luxury OLED chandelier inherently sustainable is up for debate. However, the company does have one policy that certainly helps the lamp work towards that title.

    The light itself is designed with the use of energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology - namely OLEDs - and is created in WAC Lighting's zero-landfill factory. That latter bit is where the sustainability really stems. We can use energy efficient technology all we want but until it is manufactured in a sustainable way, it can't really be all that sustainable. A zero-waste factory is a crucial step.

    The light itself is maximized for efficiency. The company states, "Soft light from the ORBEOS panels is incorporated into the design and requires no additional light control from lenses or reflectors that traditionally result in a 10%-40% loss in efficiency." NOt bad at all. Also, the light is made without using heavy metal or rare earth materials. WAC is convinced that OLED lighting is our future, and for the last two years they have shown off designs featuring OLED at the LightFair International. "The concept fixtures we exhibited last year were created primarily to inspire the design community about the possibilities of the new OLED technology," explains Shelley Wang, President of WAC Lighting. "SOL, our new decorative chandelier, is our first complete Organic LED fixture introduction.

    We believe that the inconceivably thin curved planes of the complete design, and the incorporated glare-free adjustable Organic LED panels, will capture considerable attention." Beyond efficiency, the chandelier is just plain beautiful - simple but elegant, without any of the futuristic or overly minimalist elements that so many designers like to employ when working with OLED lighting concepts. Earthtechling notes, "it's nice to see OLEDs making their way into classy and functional home decor" and we agree. Though the factors of (high) pricing and (lack of) availability mean it will be several years at least until OLEDs in homes is common.

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